Official Headshot - Version 4

My name is David Oceguera

I am…
One beggar telling another beggar where I found bread.
A sojourner in a land that is not my home,
A human, imperfectly living out the way of Jesus,
An immigrant in the kingdom of God.

I am…
A sinner,
A saint,
A pastor,
A writer,
A hospital chaplain,

I am…
A son,
A brother,
An uncle,
A friend,

I write about God, faith, doubt, and life as honestly as I experience it.

As you can see from the subtitle of my blog, I write about awakening to the presence of God. I am no expert in this field, instead I am a fellow sojourner in this land, living by faith when my eyes don’t see. Awakening to the presence of God isn’t necessarily seen with you eyes, rather its experienced with your soul. Experiencing the presence of God is like falling in love. You know you feel something and it takes over your soul, but you can’t put into words what you are experiencing. Trying to find the right words to describe being encountered by God is like a nine-month-old baby trying to talk. You hear sounds and noises that sound like words but nothing makes sense.

We often experience God in glimpses, and even then we don’t know it until after it happened.

My hope for you and me, is to see the world with new eyes and experience the subtle ways in which God shows up in our lives.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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